Welcome!  My name is Mary Beth.  My husband, Brad, and I have been married for 8 years.  We both were born and raised in central Alabama where we are currently raising our two kiddos, Miniature Schnauzer (TJ), and Cat (Winnie).

I love my Lord and Savior more than words could say.  He is who I try my hardest to live for daily.  Thought I fail miserably at times, I just get back up and try again.  I’m thankful His mercies are new every morning!

This little space is all about finding joy and beauty in the ordinary.  Our ordinary.  I used to think in order to blog you had to have thousands of followers or some grand, new idea.  Well, I really have neither.  What I do have though are beautiful (and sometimes not-so-beautiful) memories that I want to record.  Whether I have one reader (Hi, mom!) or one-hundred, I don’t care.  I just want a place to share our happiness, struggles, victories and maybe even a recipe or two.

Welcome to our Beautiful, Ordinary Life!

– Mary Beth


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