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A Day in the Life…

Y’all, these are my favorite posts to read from other bloggers.  I love how everyone is so different and it’s just so interesting to me how people spend their days.  So, I thought I would do one of my own.  I tried my hardest to take as many pics as I could, so here we go…

4:45 AM the alarm rings.  I get up around 4:45ish each morning.  Two days a week I go to the gym and the other days, I have my quiet time and then some extra “me” time answering e-mails, reading blogs, whatever I want to do with no distractions.  I have found that early in the morning is the ONLY time it’s quiet in our house and I can have some peace 🙂

On this day, I was headed to the gym.  I have been on sort of a hiatus for the last two months.  Brad started a new job and would be traveling some and we went on vacation, etc.  This day was my first day back and man was it a killer.  I take a class that consists of mostly high interval training.  I LOVE it!

This is AFTER…Sweaty, Messy Hair…


On days that I go to the gym,  I usually lay out Jack and Addi’s clothes the night before.  That way Brad can go ahead and have them up and dressed by the time I get home.  Once I get home from working out I have about 45 mins to shower,  pack lunches,  and run out the door.

Time for make-up.  I’m pretty simple when it comes to make up.  It takes me roughly 5 minutes to apply.  As you can tell,  I use a lot of Younique products.  I don’t sell Younique,  but I know someone of you are interested…


Oh,  and in the mason jar is a combination of coconut oil,  Frankincense,  Lavender,  and Lemon oil.  I love my oils!  This is a great moisturizer and I use it both in the morning and evening.

After getting myself and the kiddos buckled into the car ready to go,  it’s time to drop them off at daycare.  On this particular morning,  we got there in JUST enough time for Addi to catch the bus.  And Jack helped me open the door to take him to his class. Such a sweet helper!


It’s now 7:23 and I have my coffee,  Shakeology,  and Undisclosed Podcast and I’m ready for my drive in to work.  My morning commute is around 45 minutes.  I usually roll in anywhere from 8:00-8:30 depending on how smoothly our morning goes.


My days are pretty full at work and I don’t have much down time.  I’m either catching up on stuff that has to be done, in meetings or working on a project.  99% of the time, I bring my lunch.  It always seems like such a hassle to go somewhere to eat.  I prefer eating at my desk while working so I can leave on time (or earlier).  This is what my typical lunch looks like…


During lunch I also managed to sneak a peak at Jack’s school pictures that I received that morning.  They are typical Jack Jack – cowboy boots and a fireman shirt.  ALWAYS.


I crossed a few more things off my to-do list and at 5:00, I headed home…


Next stop, was the grocery store for some necessities.  You know, like gummies, juice, and some lunchables…


When I FINALLY arrived home around 6:15, Brad had the kids bathed and in their jams.  I started on dinner.  On the menu was Poppyseed Chicken (with no poppyseeds) over brown rice.  Cookies for dessert.

After dinner, I read some with Addi, signed papers and put them both in the bed.  Lastly, I set my coffee maker for the next morning and headed to bed.


I was asleep by 8:45.

That’s a look into my busy, ordinary, beautiful life!  Even though my days are full (and I wish I didn’t spend so much time in the car), I truly love my job and I don’t mind getting up and going there every morning.  Although, working part-time would be amazing.  Or working from home.  But, it is what it is right now and i’m just thankful I have a good job to go to each day.


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