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Italy – Part 3

Day three in Italy began bright and early.  There was a big group of us going to Pompeii for a tour.  Honestly, I was dreading this.  I thought it was going to be boring and just not something I would be interested in.  Boy was I wrong – this was one of the highlights of our trip in my opinion!  Our tour guide was FANTASTIC and I truly believe he is the reason we all enjoyed the tour so much.  His name was Alex.  If you are ever planning on making a trip to Pompeii, I can’t recommend him enough (book the tour early).  We went on the first Sunday of the month which is apparently free to get it (we just paid for the tour guide).
 The weather in Italy in September was pretty similar to what we are used to here in Alabama – HOT.  I’m so glad we went to Pompeii early in the day because i’m not sure it would have been very pleasant towards the afternoon because of the heat.
After our tour, we drove back to our villa to rest up.  That night was the welcome dinner the bride and groom were hosting for everyone at La Tagliata.  It was SO good!  Everything was served family style and there were probably 5 or 6 courses where several different dishes were served during each course.  The Mama’s Pasta and Zucchini Pasta were my favorites.  Along with the wine, oh my goodness, the wine.  It was all delicious!
The next day was wedding day!  Brad and I spent some time exploring Positano by ourselves.  We walked to town which is a LONG walk full of stairs, hills, and dodging traffic.
One thing I haven’t mentioned about Italy are the scooters, buses, and tiny cars that SPEED and WEAVE in and out along the road.  It’s pretty terrifying if I’m being honest.  I saw my life flash before my eyes a few times – no lie.
Anyways, after our adventure, we headed back to the villa to get ready for the whole reason we traveled to Italy – the wedding.
Again, words don’t describe how beautiful Positano is.  They couldn’t have picked a more gorgeous back drop for a wedding ceremony.

Once they were announced husband and wife, we moved onto the reception.  Which, again, included more incredible food.  I seriously think all we did was eat on this trip (and it was all fabulous food too).  But, we walked enough stairs to cancel out all of the eating we did, thank goodness!

 I’m so happy I was able to travel to Italy to witness this girl get married.  It makes me happy to see her so happy!


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