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Let’s Go Back

I originally started blogging back in 2010 – when our daughter, Addi, was born.  The day after she was born, she stopped breathing and this resulted in seizures.  This began her month long NICU stay.  It was hard.  Not only was it hard having her in the NICU, but it was hard having to re-tell the story EVERY DAY and what seemed like ALL DAY.  So, I created this little place on the internet where everyone could come read about her progress.

Now, she is in first grade.  FIRST GRADE.  We have since added a little brother for Addi to our family.  Jack is three.  Sometimes I feel so bad that I documented Addi’s first couple of years through my blog, but poor Jack Jack barely has anything consistently written about him.  Bless him.

I wanted to start blogging again, but I felt like I needed a fresh space.  I somehow figured out how to import my old blog into WordPress and BAM, here we are!

If you would like to read my original post about Addi, you can begin here.


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