Italy · Positano · Sorrento · Sorrento Food Tour

Italy – Part 2

The next morning, Brad and I woke up early to catch the bus to Sorrento.  A month or so before our trip, I scheduled a food tour with Sorrento Food Tours.  I highly recommend them if you are traveling to Sorrento.  We just did the regular food tour, but they also have wine and cheese tastings and other options as well.
Our guide was American, so that definitely made things a little easier to listen and understand as well 🙂  She took us to several different restaurants and I think we sampled about 13 items total.  We also went to a lemon grove (all the lemons had already been picked, so that’s why the trees in my pics look so barren).   Everything was fantastic!
Here are a few pictures from our tour…










Our favorite was the Saltimbocca (first picture).  This pizza place was great – we ended up going back for dinner before we headed back to Positano!
We LOVED Sorrento and would definitely go back again one day.  Most of our time after the food tour was spent shopping and staring at the beautiful coast!




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