18 months · Addi · jack

18 Months (Well, almost)

After re-reading my previous post, I want to address some things: 
  1. I’m NOT perfect and I don’t ever claim to be.  I don’t think I’m the perfect friend all of the time.  I don’t call/text/e-mail my friends enough to check on them like I should.  Life gets in the way sometimes and I get that.  I’m constantly striving to be a better friend to the ones I have
  2. I just wanted to make it clear that I don’t want to replace the group of girlfriends I have – I love the very very much! Mwuah!
  3. There were some people in our small group who did reach out and try to plan things.  They made an effort.  I didn’t mean to make it sound like no one cared.  All I meant was that we aren’t connecting the way I/we would like. 
  4.  We don’t want to leave just because we aren’t getting that connection we are longing for.  There are other things going on as well that we aren’t pleased with.  I would never intentionally try to hurt anyone’s feelings; however, I’m not going to lie either.  The thoughts on my previous post were just that – my thoughts.  Sometimes the truth hurts.

And that’s that.  Now on to an update on my sweet boy…

Oh my sweet Jack Jack.  This little man is THE cutest thing ever.  Although, sometimes he can be pretty dramatic for a little boy, we love him so so much.  Over the Christmas break, he began talking up a storm.  He can repeat anything and is learning new words every day.  He’s still a climber and will try to get into any drawer or cabinet if we aren’t careful.   He definitely keeps us on our toes!

Eating – He’s a pretty good eater.  For the most part, he just snacks a lot and is always hungry.  Most fruits and yogurt seem to be his favorites.  Tuesday night, for dinner, I tried to trick the kids into eating cauliflower.  I cooked it and mashed it up like potatoes.  Jack fell for it (Addi, however, did not)  It’s pretty hard for him to sit still to eat anything, so we still have to strap him in the high chair at home so he will eat, even though he would rather be sitting at the table with Addi.

Sleeping – He currently goes to sleep around 7:00 and sleeps until we have to wake him up around 6:00.  When he gets sleepy, he loves to carry a blanket (or two) around the house and he rubs his lips with it.  That’s the sign he gives us to let us know he’s ready for bed.  I think naptime is a little more difficult for him to fall asleep b/c they aren’t allowed to have paci’s anymore (I still give him one at night).  His teacher said he rolls around on the ground to help him fall asleep – haha!  I guess that’s self-soothing?

Likes – He LOVES his sister.  If she’s not at home, he goes all through the house saying “Addi? Addi?” He constantly wants to know where she is.  TJ is also one of his favs and he gets so excited when he sees Winnie (the cat) looking in the house through the window.  He love bath time, being outside, climbing on anything and everything and his momma!

Dislikes –  Being still.


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