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Confessional Friday

I  confessthat I have had Starbucks every day this week (shhhh – don’t tell Brad!).  It’s just been one of those weeks and with the cooler weather, I just love having a hot cup of coffee in the morning or the afternoon when I can’t keep my eyes open.  Especially when the coffee at the office is less than stellar.  I have alternated getting a skinny PSL and skinny salted caramel mocha – yum!

I confess that I dyed my hair – dark!  I will have to take a pic this weekend and show y’all Monday b/c I’m not digging the selfie I attempted to take this morning 🙂

I confess that I have given Addi a lunchable every day this week for lunch.  I’m having the hardest time getting my act together in the kitchen.  Maybe I can do a better meal plan for next week. Even though my kids don’t mind eating oatmeal, hot dogs and PBJ for dinner!

I confess that I’m officially addicted to Matilda Jane.  I joined a Matilda Jane for under $30 group on FB and I check it WAY more often than I should.  I haven’t let myself buy too much yet, but I did snag a few pieces this week.  I’m having a trunk show in November and I’m SO looking forward to it!  My wish list keeps getting longer!  I mean how cute is this MJ dress Addi has on?? LOVE!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend b/c my best friend will be in town.   We are taking the kids to Boo at the Zoo Saturday night and that should be fun as well.  All of that along with a little football and good food thrown into the mix should make for a great weekend!
Happy Friday and don’t forget to link up with Leslie with all of your confessions for the week!


4 thoughts on “Confessional Friday

  1. Ha – is Leslie's blog how we found each other? So funny what a small blogging world it is. 🙂 Anyway, you totally just prompted me to go join some Facebook MJ resale shops. Their stuff is to die for. Addi looks so precious in that picture!


  2. Thanks for stopping by! I can't imagine shopping for three girls – I would definitely go broke! Boys aren't as fun to shop for, but at least I don't spend as much money dressing him 😉


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