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I’m a Whole30 Quitter

Right after Jack was born and I was able to exercise again, I began running and I changed my eating habits.  Over the course of a year, I have lost roughly 60 lbs.  Initially I would allow myself 1-2 cheat meals where I would just eat whatever I was craving for the week.  I didn’t go crazy with it, but it allowed me freedom to splurge every now and then.  Around this past June, I started allowing myself to “cheat” more than usual.  1-2 cheat meals turned into 3-4 and so on.  Now I’m back where I started as far as eating is concerned.  I have gained about 5 lbs of the 60 back.   I can definitely tell a difference in the way I feel (blaaahhh is a good way to describe my feelings right now). 

As far as the running goes, I slacked off with that as well.  I haven’t run in a month or so and I’m pretty sure I would be winded if I just took a walk.  I signed up for a 5k (which is in two weeks by the way) hoping it would give me the motivation I need to start running again.  Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet.  I truly enjoyed running while I was doing it.  It also helped that Brad and I were running together.  Due to knee/ankle problems Brad hasn’t been running either.

A couple of weeks ago I set out to start a Whole30.  I was super pumped before I started.  I went to the grocery store with a list that went right along with my detailed meal plan for the week.  I did really well (and felt REALLY good) for the 9 days I kept it up.  Then I quit.  It’s not that the program is that hard, but it requires a lot of preparation and apparently I had not planned my meals that well.  I cheated one small time and then I just felt like I had blown it, so I quit.  I’m SO aggravated with myself.  I feel like I’m doing worse than before I started the program.  I just want to eat EVERYTHING.  It’s insane.

I even feel super horrible b/c I talked someone into completing Whole30 with me.  She’s doing AWESOME by the way!  I feel like I have let her down.

I’m hoping I can go back to what I was doing before when I lost so much…just limit carbs and eat lots of protein, fruits and veggies.  Allow one cheat meal a week and exercise.  I always feel so much better after I exercise, but for some reason I can’t get my booty into gear.  Actually, I do know the reason – TIME.  It’s so hard finding the time to slip away and do something for myself.  After cooking, cleaning, bathing and getting the kids in bed, I’m exhausted and I don’t feel like running.  It would be wonderful if I could just get up earlier, but I have trouble resisting the urge to press snooze!

Sorry for the complaining and whining, but I just needed to vent 🙂 


4 thoughts on “I’m a Whole30 Quitter

  1. Don't beat yourself up, mama! Every SINGLE day is a new opportunity to do better than you did the day before. I say take it one meal at a time and give yourself some grace.


  2. Don't beat yourself up! We ALL struggle with this so you aren't alone. I'd just jump right back in and not think about the fact that you quit. 🙂 Stay strong you can do it.


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