Addi · dance · recital

Let’s Dance

Addi had her first dance recital two weeks ago.  She has been taking dance since September and couldn’t wait to show us what she had learned.  Her preschool has a worship arts school and so they have the dance classes during school hours which is wonderful for me!  Her teachers say she LOVES it and is always super disappointed if class gets cancelled.  The recital was so cute and lasted maybe 30 minutes.  Addi didn’t have a shy bone in her body and was pointing out all of our family who was there before it started (she was supposed to be hiding, but that didn’t work out so well haha).

They had a little part during the recital where they put a mat out for them to show us their gymnastic moves. One little girl kept going out of turn and Addi kept calling her out saying “It’s NOT your turn!!!” haha!  Addi was so patient and just sat there waiting until her teacher called her up.

Each girl received a trophy and tiara when it was over.  Brad brought her flowers as well.  She was so proud of her prizes and had a blast! Here are a few pictures…


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