Work It

 I was off work the majority of last week due to the little snowstorm that happened here in Alabama. I needed to go into work to get a few things done since it was month end.  Since the daycare was closed, I had no choice but to bring this little munchkin along with me…
Brad’s parents watched little man b/c I didn’t think I could get anything done at work if I had both of them there with me.  She was pretty good (for the most part).  She really wanted to help me work.  I have two computer screens and she kept saying that one of them was hers and the other one was mine.  
After I finished what I had to get done, we went down to Build-A-Bear.  This was our first visit and she picked out a yellow pony and named it Sunshine.   Her favorite part was giving her pony a bath.  She would have stayed there all afternoon if I let her.

And yes, my daughter is wearing a little boy’s t-shirt.  She’s OBSESSED with Jake and the Neverland Pirates ( or “Pilates” as she says).

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