Addi · pregnancy

Weeks 13-17

It has been a while since I posted a pregnancy update, so I thought I would play a little catch-up and just do one update for weeks 13-17.  I just entered my 17th week, and time is going by so fast!  The picture above was taken at 15 weeks.  If I wasn’t still in my pj’s then I would take a current pic, but I seriously doubt you want to see me like this!  Not much has changed really.

I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and she said everything looked great.  The heart rate was 155.  I’m still losing weight instead of gaining, but she said that was fine.  I’m not getting my hopes up that I won’t put on any extra lb’s.  I’m sure it will catch up with me at some point!  We find out in two weeks what we are having and I seriously can’t wait!  This pregancy is so much different than Addi, so I’m thinking it might be a boy?!?  I secretly hope so 🙂

How far along?  13-17 Weeks

Baby is the size of…  currently, an apple

Best moment this week?  Feeling lots of little flutters for the first time.

Miss anything?  I still miss being able to sleep through the night.  

Movement?  Definitely feeling some flutters and I love it!

Sleep?  Still sleeping with the Snoogle and getting up once or twice to use the restroom.

Food cravings?  I’m craving salads a lot lately.   

What makes you queasy/sick?  Certain smells make me gag and then the gagging turns into throwing up.  I have gotten sick more these past few weeks than I did the first trimester.  I’m not nauseous, but I just can’t help but gag when I smell something nasty. 

Morning sickness?  Nope.

Other symptoms?  I’m just tired all of the time.  We all were in the bed by 8:00 every day last week.  We weren’t asleep by then, but it was nice just relaxing and watching tv cuddled up in the bed!

Gender?   We find out March 14th and I can’t wait!

Looking forward to…  This isn’t baby related, but I’m looking forward to Addi’s birthday party Saturday – I know she is going to have so much fun!


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