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Vegas – Day 2, Part 2

Our second night in Vegas was my favorite!  Lindsey used our trip to help surprise her hubby with the best 10 year wedding anniversary present ever – renewing their vows at the Graceland Wedding Chapel with none other that ELVIS!  SO much fun, I tell ya!  I absolutely can’t wait to see the pictures and the video…i’m sure I’m laughing hysterically as she is being walked down the aisle (and being sung to) by the king! 
Lindsey did such a great job of keeping this a surprise.  She didn’t tell him until a couple of hours before the limo picked us up.  To make it extra classy, she bought the guys tuxedo t-shirts to wear for the occasion.  Here are a few pics while we were waiting for the limo…

Once we arrived at the chapel, Elvis greeted us (jumpsuit and all).  Of course we also purchased some souvenir Elvis glasses.  Sadly, we couldn’t afford the ones with the sideburns attached, so we opted for the plain ones.  No photography was allowed in the chapel itself, but I managed to get a few shots before we went in.

As I mentioned before, Elvis walked/danced and sang her down the aisle.  He sang several songs throughout the ceremony and they recited Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding vows.   Best. Wedding. Ever.
I’m gong to tell y’all that Lindsey and Wes are one of the most fun couples I’ve ever been around.  I wish I could “let loose” and have as much fun as they did that night.  They played right along with Elvis and had the best time.  I’m so glad we were able to share that moment with them!


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