Addi · toddler

It’s Potty Time…

In my post yesterday I mentioned that Addi has been interested in the potty at school.  Well, Brad went to pick her up yesterday afternoon and they told him she tee-tee’d in the potty!!!  I’m so proud – haha!  Her teacher told me she saw the other kids doing it and started saying “I wanna tee tee”.  I’m interested to hear if she did anything today.  Last night, I asked her if she wanted to use the potty like a big girl and she just said “no, no”.  I guess it’s no fun at home and without all of your friends there to watch! haha!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting text messages that include pictures of her during the day.  It makes my heart happy!  Here is a picture I received today…
Sweet baby all tuckered out

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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