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Organize Me

Last Friday, I made one of the best decisions I have made in a long time – I paid someone to clean my house.  I’m thinking i’m crazy for not doing it before now!  It was wonderful coming home to a clean house Friday afternoon and not having to worry about it over the weekend.  I don’t have a “dirty” house, it’s just cluttered and we have WAY too much stuff.  I just can’t get a handle on all of it for some reason.  I asked my friend who cleaned it if she minded helping me organize some things.  She started out by organizing my kitchen cabinets.  As soon as I go through our closets I will definitely need help in that area as well!  
It’s no secret that I’m not very organized.  I wish I was, but i’m not.  I love to make lists.  That’s really the extent of it – I make tons of extremely detailed “to-do” lists and I hardly ever complete anything on them.  I’m really trying to make an effort to get rid of things we don’t need and haven’t used in a year.  This is harder for Brad than it is me!  Toys and clothes pretty much take over our house!  It’s amazing how many clothes I have, but then again I never have anything to wear – haha.
I’m so proud of myself because my house is still clean from Friday!  I have tried really hard to pick everything up after Addi goes to bed and keep the kitchen clean and laundry in its place.  It’s amazing how much better I feel and I can spend my time concentrating on other things like spending time w/Brad and Addi.  After working all day, cooking dinner, bathing Addi and getting her ready for bed, I don’t really feel like sweeping and mopping my house.
I just bought Addi a toddler bed and I can’t wait to put it up!  I’m on a mission for a tall skinny bookcase to lay on its side so I can make this storage area that I found on Pinterest.  Hopefully, this will help me keep her toys put away.

Do y’all have any tips to staying organized?


4 thoughts on “Organize Me

  1. That storage space is adorable!!! I try to keep everything organized…in baskets or in those Rubbermaid boxes with the lids…the ones about the size of a shoebox work great for my cleaning and laundry supplies 🙂


  2. My organizational schemes often backfire on me – I will designate a drawer for this “category” or a shelf for that “topic” but if I ever get more than will fit in that space, I often just leave it sitting out rather than putting it somewhere else! I try to take that as my cue that it's time to get rid of some things, but that only works about half the time!

    I do have a new strategy for attacking the clothing monster and I'm hoping that with a little discipline I can let it spill over into other things – whenever I get one new thing, I get rid of two old ones. That way, I don't have to clean out the entire closet. If I bring home one new outfit of three pieces, I pick out six old pieces I don't wear or want to replace and put them in a “giveaway box”


  3. Thanks for the advice! I'm going to start looking for some cute baskets at yard sales and the thrift store. I've seen tutorials on covering diaper boxes as well – I might give that a try!


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