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L, M, N, O, Pete

It’s no secret that my child loves her some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We try to limit the amount of “PB” (aka TV) we let her watch, but every night after bath time we let her watch one of her shows in order to calm down and prepare for bed time.  I let her choose between The Fresh Beat Band (Beat Beats), Blue’s Clues (Blue) and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Moushe).

Watching “PB” before bed

When Mickey comes on she starts yelling out the “role call” before it even starts – Nonald, Saisy, Googoo, Pluwo, Ninnie and Moushe.  However, we can’t forget Pete.  As soon as she sees him she gets so excited and starts saying “Pete, Pete” over and over again until you acknowledge her.  I’m not exactly sure what her fascination is with him, but she sure does love him! 
We have really been trying to practice our ABC’s as much as possible lately.  She’s catching on, but not quite there yet.  We start off singing them and then we say every letter and have her repeat after us.  She mimics all of the letters we say, until we get to “P” – which she then screams out “Pete!”.  It’s too cute and just something I had share 🙂
On a completely different subject, I was dragging this morning and stopped by Mickey D’s to grab a coffee.  I decided to try their non-fat sugar free iced vanilla latte and it was SO good!  I think i’m addicted already!  Plus it’s so much cheaper than Starbucks, so it’s a win-win!

I just saw where HauteLook is having a sale on Erin Condren Labels.  I’m a huge Erin Condren fan – I have her Life Planner and Desktop Calendar.  Right now you can buy her labels at a great discount through HauteLook!  Check it out 🙂


3 thoughts on “L, M, N, O, Pete

  1. Oh how funny!! One of my coworker's daughters LOOOOOOVES Pete too. I think I remember her even calling some of the stores at Disney to ask if they carried anything at all with Pete on it. And I love how she says their names. SO precious!!!


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