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New Hobby

Brad use to play golf a good bit and he has recently gotten back into it.  He’s been going pretty much every weekend for the past few weeks to play.  I had mentioned that I might be interested in learning – the only type of golf I know right now is putt-putt.  I really think I would enjoy it and it would give us something we could do together!  Brad is going to sign me up for lessons soon!
We all got new golf clubs this past week.  Addi LOVES hers.  She lines the balls up and counts to three and then “hits” them.  She chases after each ball saying “momma my ball”.  Maybe we have a future golf pro on our hands!


4 thoughts on “New Hobby

  1. Hi Mary Beth! I'm following via Kelly's Korner. 🙂 My name is Cindi, and I live in Tuscaloosa. Good luck with your golf game! You may have just inspired me to take it up too. My hubs plays, and I too think it would be something great to do together. 🙂


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