Easter · Swimming Lessons

Easter Weekend 2012

Better late than never I guess, but I thought I would go ahead and FINALLY write about our Easter weekend.  

The Saturday before Easter Addi and I started parent/child swimming lessons.  She wasn’t really having it…all she wanted to do was go up and down the stairs of the pool.  She wouldn’t have anything to do with the teachers either.  I wanted her to get used to being in the water before we go to the beach in May.  We had to skip yesterday’s lesson b/c Brad and I were out of town, but we will be going back next weekend and see if she has changed her mind about the water then 🙂
Sunday morning we went to church and then to my mom’s house for lunch (it was also her b’day).  My cousin and her precious family were there.  Addi still doesn’t know what to think about Luke.  At one point during lunch she was in the den watching “beat beats” and we heard her in there talking.  I went in there and she was pointing to the pictures on the table and saying everyone’s name.  Mom has a picture of her and dad on the table and Addi was pointing at it saying “Nana and Pop” – I think that was a PERFECT b’day gift for my mom!
Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend…


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