Day Dreamin’

These days I have been dreaming of this place…

About 5 years ago, my parents, Brad and I went to Orange Beach for a week.  It was pretty much the most relaxing vacay ever. My mom and I went down on a Sunday and then Brad and my dad came down that Wednesday and we left on the following Sunday.  It was great just getting away from it all and lounging around on the beach all day and eating yummy seafood at night. Plus the boat races were the week we were there and they raced right in front of our condo! So much fun!

 Beach trips with my girls are the BEST too!! We always have so much fun and we have definitely made some memories over the years.  I’m thinking that along with a family beach trip a girl’s trip is in order!

My hubby is so tired of me begging him for a trip to the beach.  We haven’t had a vacation in two years.  Last year was a little hectic to say the least.  I’m hoping this year we can at least getaway for a weekend!


2 thoughts on “Day Dreamin’

  1. That is where my parents live…down the street from the Bay house.You should go to the Bay House sometime with Addi!! So relaxing. Mimi or Aunt Beth could get you the key and it's a free place to stay!


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