Show Us Your Life – Kid’s Names

Kelly’s Korner this week is doing Show Us Your Life – Kid’s Names.

Addison Kerr Alston

When I was little I would always come up with names that I would want to use one day when I had a child. There was never really a name that I loved. When Bradley and I found out I was pregnant I began seriously thinking about names. At the beginning of the pregnancy we just knew we were having a boy. We were both shocked to find out we were having a girl! We wanted a name that had a special meaning to both of us. The name we picked out for a boy was Jackson Bradley. Jackson is my maiden name and then obviously Bradley is my husbands middle name.

Right after we found out we were having a little girl we chose the name Addison Kerr. Brad’s family has a farm in Addison, Alabama. He loves to spend time there and it holds a special place in his heart. This is also the place he proposed to me! We knew Addison had to be our little girl’s name! My grandmother’s maiden name is Kerr. I wanted to use a family name and that is the one that just stuck in my mind – it is different and I like it 🙂

Above is a sneak preview of Addi’s pictures she had made at 8 weeks old. I LOVE them!!! Lisa Marie Photography took them and I can’t wait to see the rest! Also, one of my very best friends, Leah, made the cute hat she has on. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Show Us Your Life – Kid’s Names

  1. My best friends first little grandchild is named Addison…

    Love your blog..

    Stopping by to say Happy Mother's Day…
    Have a few hours to blog hop and nothing makes me happier.
    I have a GREAT GIVEAWAY that I will be drawing for on Sunday night.


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