Random Thoughts

Since I have been staying home with Addi bug, I have become quite obsessed with shopping online. Most of the time I’m just looking, but I have made some really good purchases lately. I LOVE HauteLook. It’s a free website that sells designer items for less. I bought Addi a pretty pink toile baby blanket and jacket for next winter for CHEAP!! My purchase for today was Urban Decay Mineral Make-up. It retails for $30, but I only paid $7.50.

Speaking of shopping…Brad and I have decided to update our furniture! I’m so excited!! Everything we have in our house is hand me down. I’m very thankful for those hand me downs, but I think it’s now time to purchase some furniture of our own. Right now, we are just going to buy living room furniture. I already have it picked out and we are going to buy it Saturday (I hope). We were going to buy bedroom furniture also, but I think we are going to buy a mattress instead. Below is the living room furniture I picked out…
I’m enjoying every second at home with Addi. I know before long I will have to go back to work and she will go to daycare. I’m dreading that day!!! However, I feel like i’m not being active enough staying home with her right now. I’m just sitting on my butt! I’ve been wanting to put her in the stroller and walk around the neighborhood with her, but the pollen has been so bad that I’m nervous to. We are members of a gym, but I just haven’t been motivated enough to go. I figured the only way I would go is if I had a personal trainer. So today I called and made an appointment with one! I’m really excited and hopefully this will be the push I need to start working out again!

Addi is finally sleeping more at night. Last night she slept from 10:00 to 4:30. We are giving her her meds at 8:00 pm and this has made such a difference! She is eating 5 oz. every 4 hours during the day. Even though she’s not crazy about tummy time, she is lifting her head up really well. I can’t believe she will be 7 weeks old Thursday!! Time is flying. Right now she is taking a nap…

This is not the best picture b/c it’s off my iPhone. Such a sweet angel!


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