There’s No Place Like Home

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. There really hasn’t been anything new to update. They started feeding Addi again on Thursday. So far, so good. Tonight, she ate 60 ML. Hopefully they will increase it again tomorrow and turn off her IV fluids. She also had her first “poopie” diapers this morning since they started feeding her and they were both negative for blood! This is good news!!! Hopefully this new formula will do the trick.

Brad and I moved out of the hotel this morning. We decided since she is doing better we would just travel back and forth from home to the hospital. Plus, living in a hotel for over 3 weeks was a little much! We are VERY thankful for the hospital, family and friends for helping us stay there all of that time. It was very convenient – especially when she wasn’t doing so well. We are very hopeful that she will come home with us soon!

Please pray:
* There continues to be no blood in her stool
* There is no permanent brain damage
* The swelling continues to go down


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